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ANR Kit Specifications

ANR Graph

ANR Kit Compatibility:

ANR Modules Dimensions
  • Designed to fit most headsets made today for use in general and commercial aviation with 300 ohm impedance audio systems. These include headsets and helmets made by AV-Comm®, David Clark®, FlightCom®, Peltor®, Pilot®, RST®, Sigtronics®, SoftCom® and other David Clark 'style' headsets.
  • In general, if your headset accepts the David Clark® Gel Ear Seals* and has an inner clearance of 1 1/4" from the outer flange of the ear cup, your headset or helmet should be compatible with the ANR Upgrade Kit.

ANR Modules:

  • Noise Reduction Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 600 Hz.
  • Decibel Reduction: 15-17 dB active noise attenuation1 at 200 to 300 Hz.
  • Weight: Adds approximately three ounces to your original headset weight.

Power Source:

The ANR system requires a 9 volt DC power source2 that is supplied either by:

  • Battery Pack (included) for one 9 volt3 battery.
  • Panel Mount Power Supply (optional) for your aircraft's 12 or 24 volt electrical system.


  1. Total noise attenuation you receive will depend on your headset, quality of fit, and ear seals used.
  2. Alkaline batteries provides approximately of 20 hours of continuous service. The actual life of the battery depends on the noise environment of your aircraft.
  3. If the battery goes dead while the headset is in use, the normal unmodified audio signal continues to be received. Only the ANR function of the system is lost.