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Installation and Repair Services

Installation Service:

For your convenience, ANR Headsets will professionally install the ANR Upgrade Kit into your headset or helmet. In most cases, your headset or helmet can be completed and shipped within three working days.

How to request installation or repair services:

  1. Contact ANR Headsets Repair Service, and explain the parts and service you desire.
  2. ANR Headsets will send you an email, with the estimated cost of parts and services.
  3. Include this estimate with your headset or helmet.
  4. Indicate you method of payment and include either your credit card information or check for payment to ANR Headsets.
  5. Ship your headset or helmet to ANR Headsets via an insured delivery service to the following address:
    1042 Sierra Dr
    Pampa, TX 79065 USA
    Phone: (678) 884-9611
  6. After receiving your shipment, ANR Headsets will notify you via email as to any changes to the cost as well as an estimated shipment date. Your headset or helmet will normally be shipped within 3-5 days, not including weekends or holidays.

NOTE: Original parts which must be removed for the upgrade process (speakers, cables and miscellaneous hardware) will be returned with your completed headset upon request.

Repair Service:

  • Communications & Ear Protection®: Products must be repaired at the factory. Contact:
    Communications & Ear Protection, Inc.
            PO Box 311174
            3700 Salem Road
            Enterprise, AL 36331-1174
            PH: (334) 347-1688
  • Headsets, Inc®: If ANR kit installations were are made by ANR Headsets, see the information below to request repair service. For replacement or repairs for other Headset, Inc products, contact:
    Headsets, Inc
            2320 Lakeview Drive
            Amarillo, TX 79109
            PH: (806) 358-6336
  • Other headset or helmet repairs: We offer a limited repair service to other headset components such as the microphone, audio cable and ear cups.