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DRE Communications® Pilot USA® Sennheiser® Telex®

HMEC 350 ANR Headset

Sennheiser sets the standard in ANR headsets.

Sennheiser HMEC 350 Headset
HMEC 350 ANR Headset

     Experience excellent noise attenuation over the entire frequency range. The HMEC 350 NoiseGard ensures superior speech intelligibility and voice transmission, even in the loudest of surroundings.
     This lightweight headset is fitted with a volume control for the headphones, flexible boom microphone, collapsible cushioned headband, mono/stereo switch and the on/off switch for NoiseGard circuitry, with ease of use and optimum comfort in mind.

Headset Features:

  • Constant attenuation of up to 40 dB throughout the entire audio range
  • Superior speech intelligibility
  • Electronics fully integrated into headphone capsules
  • Features as a conventional headset when Noisegard supply voltage is switched off
  • Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission
  • 5 year warranty


    • (1) HMEC 350 NoiseGard
    • (1) 1x3-pin socket for aircraft's internal power supply
    • (1) Carrying case for headset and accessories
    • (1) MZQ 2002-1 cable clip
    • (1) MZW 45 windshield


    The HMEC 350 pilot's headset is an ideal choice for piston and turboprop aircraft.