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Quiet Technologies Headsets
Halo     Specifications

Halo Headset®

Quiet Technologies
Halo Headset

The HALO Headset® is Quiet Technologies' newest lightweight headset, featuring headband, TubePhone, foam-insert headset. It is the latest evolution from the headset that started the lightweight foam aviation headset revolution more than 12 years ago.

With its high fidelity and great noise isolation you are guaranteed the clearest ATC tower communications you have ever experienced. Using finely tuned acoustic tubing which filters the audio input and is calibrated to the natural response of the ear canal to provide the highest standard in high fidelity. The mid and high audio responses are exceptionally smooth, open and natural. The bass response is greatly improved over other headset which sound peaky, sounding "orchestral" or present.

The HALO Headset® weighs in at a mere 0.8 ounces and can be worn over-the-head, behind-the-head, or worn on-the-shoulders for the ultimate in comfort. Unlike other lightweight headsets, it incorporates a unique adjustable headband feature that allows the headband to be fit to any head size.

Keeping the microphone steady in lightweight headsets has presented challenges to many headset makers. This is no longer a problem with the Halo Headset®. The adjustable headband keeps the microphone from moving in turbulent flight. It can even be worn under a baseball cap!

Headset Features:

  • SUPPER High fidelity STEREO speakers - The same units as in professional stage musician's monitors.
  • Critically - damped TubePhones - designed to restore the natural resonance of the unblocked ear canal, giving the headphones a crisp, clear and undistorted audio quality.
  • Passive noise protection - rivals ANR headsets
  • Adjustable headband (fits any size head)
  • Replaceable foam ear-tips - Noise attenuation ranges from 30 dB in the low frequencies and 45 dB near 4KHz.
  • Cable exits the front which allows the headset to be worn behind the head, over the head, or on the shoulders.
  • Compact - fits easily into flight case
  • Comfortable - like no other headset
  • No more sweaty ear seals cool even in summer
  • No batteries required

Accessories (included):

  • Leatherette carrying pouch
  • Additional tubes
  • Instructions
  • Starter ear-tips. - Includes several sample types and sizes

"The Halo headset represents everything that a pilot is looking for; uncompromising quiet and bare-naked comfort. It uses the same ultrahigh fidelity stereo speakers used in professional music recording studios and personal stage monitors costing upwards of $850.00. 'Quiet Comfort' is not a slogan. It is a promise! We back up this promise by our 30-day money back policy."

Phil McCandless, Ph.D.
Quiet Technologies, Inc.

"Before the Halo headset, pilots had to make a huge compromise between comfort and noise protection. With the Halo, pilots need not made such tough choices. I use this headset in Canadair Regional jets on a daily basis as well as in my Cherokee 6 on the weekends.

The Halo is the most comfortable, quietest, clearest sounding headset, I have ever used. Even though this headset is not an ANR headset, its noise protection characteristics across the frequency spectrum are excellent, even rivaling the best ANR headsets being sold."

Morris Morgan
ANR Headsets