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Quiet Technologies Headsets
Halo   AuriComm   Specifications

AuriComm 2.5®

AuriComm Headset® - $345.00

Other Products from Quiet Technologies®

"The Halo headset represents everything that a pilot is looking for; uncompromising quiet and bare-naked comfort. It uses the same ultra-high fidelity stereo speakers used in professional music recording studios and personal stage monitors costing upwards of $850.00. 'Quiet Comfort' is not a slogan. It is a promise! We back up this promise by our 30-day money back policy."

Phil McCandless, Ph.D.
Quiet Technologies, Inc..

"Before the AuriComm headset, pilots had to make a huge compromise between comfort and noise protection. With the AuriComm, pilots need not made such tough choices. I use this headset in Canadair Regional jets on a daily basis as well as in my Cherokee 6 on the weekends.

The AuriComm is the most comfortable, quietest, clearest sounding headset, I have ever used. Even though this headset is not an ANR headset, its noise protection characteristics across the frequency spectrum is excellent, even rivaling the best ANR headsets being sold."

Morris Morgan
ANR Headsets


  • Passive noise protection rivals ANR headsets
  • Two high fidelity stereo speakers
  • Noise cancellation microphone
  • Weight: 0.38 oz. (Other headsets weight up to 20.5 oz.)
  • Compact - fits easily into flight case
  • Comfortable like no other headset
  • No headband required - no headset squeeze
  • No more sweaty ear seals - cool even in summer
Comparison of
Headset Effectiveness
Frequency Typical
ANR Headset
20 dB
30 dB
20 dB
30 dB
28 dB
32 dB
25 dB
35 dB
31 dB
35 dB
28 dB
38 dB
42 dB
42 dB
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Noise Protection:

  • Type: Passive noise protection headset
  • Noise exclusion method: Efficient foam ear insert


  • Metal diaphragm with nickel plated steel enclosures.
  • Frequency response: 70 14K Hz
  • Max SPL output : 128dB SPL in 2cc coupler

Ear Tips:

  • Replaceable isolation foam ear inserts.
  • Washable foam material allows the eat tips to be reused many time.


  • Noise Canceling microphone with flex goose-neck style boom
  • The best bidirectional noise canceling microphone you can find anywhere
  • Sensitivity impedance of 1-2 kHz

Microphone Boom:

  • Lightweight, fully adjustable to allow precise positioning of the microphone for your needs
  • Adjustable headband allows the headset to be worn behind the head, over the head, or on the shoulders.

ACCESSORIES (included):

  • Headset carrying pouch
  • Instructions
  • Starter ear-tips. - Includes several sample types and sizes


  • 30 Day money-back guarantee
  • One Year parts and labor