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ANR Headsets Systems

DRE Communications® Pilot USA® Sennheiser® Telex®

Pilot USA PA-1779T ANR Headset

FAA TSO Approved Lightweight ANR Performance

Pilot USA PA-1779T ANR Headset
Pilot USA
PA-1779T ANR Headset

Don't be misled by a headset with poor passive characteristics that, when the ANR is turned on, is perceived to be good actively. You should want a headset that features the best total noise reduction (passive and active).

Buy Pilot USA's PA-1779T ANR headset, the industry's most comfortable, lightweight, American-made ANR headsets...and don't worry about extra cords, custom installations or purchasing batteries.Headset Features:

  • Rechargeable NiMh battery built into earcup
  • Passive: 25dB (NR)
  • Active: Additional 20-22dB
  • Auto Shut-off battery box
  • Usage time: 40-50 Hrs
  • Mono/Stereo Capability
  • Cell/Satellite phone interface
  • Auxiliary audio interface for music or audible checklist/warnings
  • Dual Volume control
  • Weight: 14.5 ounces
  • Five (5) year warranty


The Pilot USA PA-1779T ANR Headset is an great choice for jet and turboprop aircraft.