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ANR Kit Accessories

Standard ANR Upgrade Kit

Integrated Audio and Power Cable - $29.00

Standard ANR Upgrade Kit

Panel Mount Power Supply - $49.00

Integrated Audio and Power Cable

For those who just cannot tolerate another cable in the cockpit, we offer this solution. This integrated audio and power cable replaces your original audio cable, thus eliminating the extra power cable required by the ANR system.

This cable is compatible with all non-military headsets. If your headset has a stereo audio system, this feature will be retained. As with the cable which comes standard with the kit, the 9 volt jack attaches to either the battery case or the optional panel mounted power converter.

Panel Mount Power Supply

The Panel Mount Power Supply is a small "in-line" unit similar to an in-line fuse. The unit contains dual voltage regulators, one DC/DC converter, and fuse holder a standard .250 amp replaceable glass fuse (included).

The DC/DC converter is necessary to provide "isolation" from he aircraft charging system.

Panel Mount Power Supplies are available for 12v and 24v aircraft electrical systems. Please specify your type of electrical system when ordering.

Note: One Panel Mount Power Supply is required for each ANR Headset.