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Comply™ Canal Tips

by Hearing Components™


Comply™ Canal Tips
Foam Ear Tips
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The Comply™ Canal Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids. More than simple earplugs, these foam tips provide full spectrum noise reduction.

This advanced technology has been lab tested to prove that viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) provides the highest level of hearing protection available by any method including active noise reduction.

While ANR systems provide a reasonable degree of noise attenuation in the 100-500 Hz frequency range, they do very little to protect hearing above this range. Hearing protection is necessary across the entire noise frequency spectrum. This is especially true in the speech frequencies, precisely where clarity of sound and hearing protection is most needed for aviation communications.

Features and benefits:

  • VPNR Rating: 35-45dB of attenuation
  • Can be used with our CEP Kits, and CEP iPod Earphones
  • Washable - Can be used many times.
  • Comfortable - Memory foam conforms to the individual ear.
  • Affordable - Compare our prices to other vendors.