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ANR Kit Contents

Manufactured by:

Headsets Inc.
ANR Modules

ANR Modules®

Our ANR Upgrade Kits are made of the finest components and materials available. The circuit boards are built using state of the art technology surface mount. After construction, all ANR modules are thoroughly tested for quality and performance to ensure reliable service for years to come.

Each module consists of:
  • Electret Microphone - Picks up ambient noise within the ear cup cavity.
  • Circuit board - Processes ambient noise and generates a duplicate wave, which is shifted 180 °
  • out of phase from the sampled unwanted noise.
  • Upper Speaker - Emits normal audio signal without modification.
  • Lower Speaker - Emits the generated ANR wave to reduce noise.
  • Patented "Hat" Molding - Ensures seal necessary to create an ANR environment.
Misc Materials

Installation Materials

  • Adhesive Strips - Used to secure ANR Modules to ear cups.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing, Wire (18 gage), Solder - Used to make system wiring harness.
  • Rubber Grommet - Used to seal power cable exit hole.
  • Tie Wraps - Used to secure power cable to audio cable exiting headset.
  • Soft Pads - Used to protect ANR Module speakers and to prevent feedback.
Battery Case and Cable

Battery Case and Cable

  • Battery Case - Made of sturdy molded plastic.
  • Power Cable - Three conductor, six foot cable with power plug.
  • Audio crossover cable (not shown).

Note: Battery - 9 Volt Alkaline (not included).

Basic Installation Steps

  1. Remove original speakers and insulation material.
  2. Drill a 1/4" exit hole in ear cup for the power cable.
  3. Assemble a simple wiring harness.
  4. Solder the completed harness to the pre-assembled ANR Modules®.
  5. Replace insulation foam and mount ANR Modules® inside ear cups.

Note: Installation requires 1-2 hours for persons with basic electronic skills.

Battery Case and Cable

Complete Detailed Instructions

  • Includes nine pages of detailed instructions.
  • Five Color Wiring Diagrams - Illustrates wiring schemes with various headsets.
  • Trouble Shooting Guide - Intended to help solve most installation problems.

Preview Instructions