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H-7PR PNR Headset

by ANR Headsets

Compare price and performance to any passive noise reduction headset made today!

H-7PR PNR Headset - $375.00

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Built and assembled using only top-of-the-line, high quality components. This headset is the product of years of searching for the best passive noise attenuating headset hardware to house our ANR system. Pilots report this is the quietest and lightest ANR headset they have used, ever!


  • Headset Hardware: Manufactured in Sweden and sold in the United States by Aearo Company®, the world's leader in passive noise hearing protection. Made of durable lightweight materials, designed for rugged industrial use. Wide headband conforms to the head, evenly distributes the weight, and snugly seals the ear cups in place for optimum passive noise performance.
  • Microphone: The best electret, noise-canceling microphone available. Made by the manufacturer of microphones used in top brand headsets and helmets, requiring TSO specifications.
  • Microphone Boom: Lightweight, articulated to allow precise positioning of the microphone for your needs. Knurled tightening knob allows for easy adjustment in flight. Designed and made by Acousticom to be used in military helmets for combat aircraft and helicopters. Preferred by acrobatic pilots to securely hold the microphone in place during high 'G' maneuvers.
  • Ear Seals:Peltor snap-on ear seals. Provides great passive noise protection. Light weight, comfortable in all temperatures. Easily and inexpensively replaced.


  • Weight: 12 Ounce (net).
  • PNR Rating: Approximately 26 dB.


  • ANR Upgradeable: ANR upgrade is easy using our ANR Kits for Peltor headsets. All internal wiring is complete and ready to install the ANR system. Also includes instructions and materials for constructing the integrated audio, microphone, power cable as described above for the H7-AR Headset.
  • CEP Upgradeable: Communication Ear Plug upgrade is easy using our CEP Kits.